Since 1999, Brad Wrolstad Graphic has served the independent music business with its cutting-edge and witty design work in the packaging of compact discs (CDs), DVDs, website development and print ad campaigns. Independent music labels need their product to stand out from the glut of releases flooding the market each month and the experience of Brad Wrolstad Graphic brings the quality of top flight design to indie labels throughout the United States. Contact Brad Wrolstad Graphic today to make sure your new releases have the bold look that will make them stand out from the crowd. Graphic Design. Marketing. Advertising. Packaging. CD. DVD. Print. Poster. Flyer. Ad campaign. Website. Indie music. Major label. BWG. Indie distribution. Alternative. World music. Jazz. Global music. Blues. Worldbeat. Reggae. Jamaican. Film music soundtrack. Celtic. Avant garde. Experimental. Afro beat. Brazil. Cuba. Salsa. Reggaeton. Dub. Ska. Gamelan. Bollywood. India, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota.